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In a world where people are increasingly conscious of the impact of mobility and where new habits are appearing, the mobility sector must transform itself from the ground up. Transportation solutions, both collective and individual, are being shaken up:

Increasing electrification of public transportation and the continuousrise of electric vehicles market share are introducing new alternatives to the energy mix inmobility. The global adoption of electric mobility will rely on the ability of stakeholders to facilitate the charging experience, and therefore the whole customer experience.

Integrated connectivity and the hegemony of mobile networks have created a new type of car: connected, intelligent and soon-to-be autonomous, with real-time, easy-to-use and reliable features. These innovations help to optimize travel time and enrich the driver experience.

The boom in services such as carpooling, car sharing or ride hailing is reducing the need for a private car. Linked to a full digital experience, this “new mobility” is on-demand and easy to use.

Mobility is now more electric, more connected and more shared than ever before. This shift is driving all mobility stakeholders to design new services and experiences to meet consumers’ needs.

At Be:Mo, we want to help car manufacturers, mobility services and technology companies transform the mobility experience. We are connecting the dots between mobility ecosystems and energy services together

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Be:Mo we are live - connecting energy and mobility

Be:Mo we are live - connecting energy and mobility